Apps Logic is a world leading developer of personal and professional software, encompassing a large number of categories including Creativity and Learning software, Utilities and Multimedia, all featured with the latest cutting edge technology to provide a more secure and enjoyable experience to people looking for easy and affordable software solutions in day today life.

With a strong presence in Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia, Apps Logic is one of the world’s leading consumer software developers, experienced in addressing local market requirements in each region. We have product range enables it to serve multiple customer audiences: the general public and SMBs through retail, online and direct sales channels; businesses through channel sales and dedicated portals, and the major telecom and computer equipment manufacturers through licensing partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Our Vision

Apps Logic was created from the combination of “Apps” and “Logic” to symbolize the web, mobile and automation based application for innovation and excellence. We relies on a talented staff of nearly 15+ Research and Development engineers based in India, and on the talent of its worldwide business units to provide consumers as well as enterprises with a wide range of software titles on the cutting edge of technology. The company puts innovation at the core of its business model.

Our goal is to provide every family, individual or business the precise solution for their needs whether for productivity, entertainment, education or to manage data more securely and efficiently. With a wide product portfolio from which to choose, you will soon find that Apps Logic has the software solution that fits the bill precisely. So start your quest now!